Trish Adams

Looking Ahead

Trish Adams, Back in the Limelight

Trish is busy working on her one-woman show with musical director Bob Ashley.

Friday, May 11, 2018 at Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre (formerly the Limelight Dinner Theatre)  

Dinner/show tickets and show only available at 416-486-7469


Trish's career has spanned over 30 years, with the auspicious start as a boy in Madame Butterfly with the Canadian Opera Company. A few of her favourite shows include A Chorus Line (Jessie Award Nominee), West Side Story, Sophisticated Ladies, 42nd Street, Anne of Green Gables and Blue Champagne. Six months in the Caribbean with Disney Cruise Lines wasn't too hard to take either. Trish has enjoyed an array of TV, film and commercial appearances.

Certified Trainer and Instructor

In 2016, Trish certified as a Personal Trainer Specialist through CanFitPro and in 2017 certified as a Senior Fitness Instructor through the Canadian Center for Activity and Aging, UWO. 

Trish's Upcoming Gigs

Trish Adams - Back in the Limelight

For one-night only I will be performing my one-woman show at Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre, formerly the Limelight Dinner Theatre. 

Friday May 11, 2018, dinner and show or show only. For tickets and information go to information. 

Press Release


“Back in the Limelight” takes us on a musical roller coaster through life, on stage and off! 

The incomparable Trish Adams is launching her one-woman cabaret, Back in the Limelight, at the Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre in Toronto on May 11, 2018. The show invites us on one woman's journey through life, from on-stage to homemaker to mom, and back again! This exclusive, one-night only event features an evening peppered with anecdotes and packed with music from some of Broadway’s most memorable shows.

No stranger to stage or screen, Adams is excited about her new show, “This idea has been percolating for years, believe that I had something important to say – before I could imagine doing it.” The show explores the challenges of life on stage and at home – and the hurdles faced by women in both arenas. Harkening from a time when women were trying to prove that they could do everything, Trish recalls the joys and the pitfalls; the buzz and adrenaline, the realities and sacrifices. Her tale is carefully woven between a parade of some of Broadway’s biggest numbers, which Adams has skillfully selected to highlight some of her magical moments along the way. 


"Be The Exception"